It takes a bad man
to make a great BBQ

Bad Jeff's Gourmet Foods


Bad Jeff’s  journey begins with our passion for delicious, high quality, food. 15 years back our team began producing delicious beef jerky as a hobby for friends, local businesses and bars. That was the birth of Bad Jeff’s Beef Jerky. From there we expanded our focus by opening Bad Jeff's Barbeque restaurant in Prague’s Vinohrady district in 2014, quickly becoming the premiere BBQ restaurant in whole Czech Republic. Whether Beef Jerky or BBQ sauce, our goal was simple - delicious BBQ, made with passion and served with a smile. Based on feedback from our customers we have expanded our focus yet again with the goal of bringing high quality BBQ Sauce and Beef Jerky to anyone who shares our passion.

Our motto is simple, “food made with love and passion to fill the belly and warm the soul”.

To our existing customers, we thank you for your continued support! To our new customers, we look forward to filling your bellies and warming your souls with our delicious gourmet foods.

Bon Appétit,
The Bad Jeff's Team